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Cashmere Dresses

Barrie offers a wide range of 100% cashmere dresses for all seasons and all occasions: long cashmere dresses with long sleeves, short cashmere dresses with long sleeves, as well as short and long dresses with straps or cashmere dresses with V-neck or round neck.
Cashmere dresses are a staple of the women's wardrobes and are available in timeless Barrie colours such as black, white, navy blue and beige, but also in seasonal colours and prints. The cuts of the dresses are feminine and elegant, for looks that suit all styles and body types.
Barrie cashmere dresses can be worn all year round, in winter or in summer. On cold winter or autumn days, wrap yourself in one of the long cashmere dresses with long sleeves and a comfortable, loose fit. In winter, cashmere dresses can be easily paired with cashmere accessories for sophisticated seasonal looks. When the warm weather arrives, Barrie offers cashmere dresses that are ideal for spring and summer.

Cashmere in the summer

Cashmere dresses are usually associated with winter, but they can also become a summer essential thanks to the soft texture and lightness of Barrie cashmere. The Scottish House has developed many shapes for the warm weather, such as the ultra-fine cashmere dresses knitted in 18 gauge and worn like a second skin. For the 2023 Spring-Summer collection, Barrie is the perfect embodiment of summer knitwear with delicate and airy dresses, like the long lace cashmere dress. Read more about Barrie's advice regarding wearing cashmere in summer in this larticle.
Cashmere dresses can also be paired with cashmere cardigans or cashmere jackets and coats, for a total cashmere look or to complete the outfit.
Barrie cashmere dresses embody the exceptional craftsmanship of the Scottish House. Every detail of the assembly process of the dresses, such as the fitting of the buttons of the dresses of The Borders collection, is meticulously handcrafted. The exceptional and luxurious character of Barrie's cashmere dresses lies in the finishing and the attention to detail that have gone into these precious pieces. The Scottish thistle motif is knitted into the sleeve of some of the dresses, a ribbing gently accentuates the shape of a garment, or a side slit reinforces the feminine and modern cut of a dress.
Cashmere dresses are delicate pieces that will last a lifetime, highlighting Barrie's craftsmanship and creating a modern, feminine silhouette. Scottish cashmere stands out by its tighter, very resistant knit and Barrie garment will become lovelier as it ages, getting softer and thicker with time. Each piece is a long-term investment that can be passed on from generation to generation.

How to take care of your cashmere dresses?

Barrie cashmere dresses should be hand washed in lukewarm water using a suitable neutral pH delicate detergent, however fabric softener should never be used. Light and bright colours should be treated separately. After rinsing your garment thoroughly, wrap it in a towel and squeeze out the excess water before drying it flat.
Cashmere dresses can be ironed lightly and gently on the reverse side with a cold iron equipped with a steam jet without pulling on the fabric. We recommend that you store your cashmere dresses flat, out of the sun, in a dry and airy place and avoid hanging them up. For more information, please see our Care Instructions page. -