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Spring - Summer Collection | Barrie

The light of the summer sun and the warmth of its bright landscapes bring an effervescent splash of colour to Barrie’s seasonal offering. From sun-kissed textures to pops of sparkle and vibrant details, the collection reflects the joy of the summer months with a wardrobe full of joyful yet relaxed pieces.

The sun’s rays are a key influence whether displayed figuratively as a motif across sweaters and t-shirts based on the Clear Cut design, or as a more poetic suggestion, with a selection of chunky cable knits in tones as if faded by their brightness. Sunlight also glitters across a series of designs, from the vintage-inspired Dazzle theme with its mix of lurex and coloured threads.

Embroidered silver roses light up an elegant summer jacket in acid shades, and even the classic Logo tee opts for shine this season with a diamanté version.

Graphic details provide further visual impact, with narrow stripes in bold colours worked as long t-shirt dress, and a short-sleeved t-shirt with the logo “Hawick 1903” as an op-art feature. A tracksuit jacket and matching mini are revisited with cotton ribbing, and a houndstooth motif playing with the season’s warm shades. Barrie’s favourite flower motifs also opt for an abstract interpretation, with a simple, almost naïve primrose appearing on a light twinset.

Barrie’s technical versatility is evident in a selection of airy pieces for the summer climate, including a delicate lace theme with matching twinset and long dress. The house’s classics opt for the summer spirit, reworked in the seasonal mix of bright and earth tones. The Cricket Club line goes for a new play on soft contrasts for a graphic look, while the Denim looks back to basics with a soft grey and an off-white canvas effect. Accessories are also worked in the new palette, with the Cricket Club now available in a single-colour option ideal for summer escapades.
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