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Our cashmere jumpers for women

To wrap oneself in a Barrie cashmere jumper, whether it is a V-neck, turtleneck, or round neck sweater, is about much more than acquiring a fine garment. More than a century's worth of commitment and savoir-faire, a process respectful of both man and nature, is exemplified in every Barrie creation. Between the high plateaus of Mongolia, the town of Hawick in Scotland and the Barrie studio in Paris, a network of connections creates links between history, creativity, and eco-responsibility.
Barrie offers a wide range of 100% cashmere jumpers for women and men in different colors and fits, with oversized, regular, and fitted cashmere sweaters. Barrie's jumpers are essentials with a modern twist and can often be worn as a perfect set with matching trousers, joggers, cardigans, or accessories.
Our cashmere sweaters adapt to all seasons: our enveloping turtleneck cashmere jumpers are ideal for the cold winter and the infinite lightness of our ultra-fine 100% cashmere sweaters are perfect for summer, as these pieces are ethereal with a casual silhouette and a sense of a second skin.

The quality of Barrie cashmere jumpers for women and men

Since 2015, Barrie has been part of a wide-ranging scheme established by Chanel to ensure the quality and traceability of cashmere. Barrie cashmere comes from the nomadic tribes of Upper Mongolia and their capra hircus goats. The collected fibers are treated and identified by batch, making it possible to retrace the exact origin of each fiber. After careful combing of the goats during the month of May, the fibers are carefully sorted and washed to remove dust and impurities. Then comes the process of dehairing, removing the thicker strands to leave only the finest of fibers.
The cashmere then makes its long journey to Scotland, where the spinning and dyeing process begin. At Barrie manufacture in Hawick, tradition and high technology weave together, as the human hand and eye remain essential here. Barrie is the only knitwear mill to continue to rely on its machine operators to visually judge the wash of a garment, and each detail of the assembly and finishing details (collars, buttons) is done by hand.
Barrie is a recipient of a Level 1 GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) classification, guaranteeing full respect of the environment through all the stages production and transformation.
Scottish cashmere stands out by its tighter, very resistant knit and Barrie garment will become lovelier as it ages, getting softer and thicker with time. Each piece is a long-term investment.

How to take care of your Barrie cashmere jumper?

In Barrie's cashmere jumpers, the stability of the knit creates a very dense, firm fabric, which may seem slightly rough at first but which will reveal its true softness with time, without ever losing its size or shape. To ensure that this is the case, each garment must be cared for properly, following some simple guidelines.
Cashmere, and particularly Scottish cashmere, is a water-loving material, thus Barrie cashmere sweaters must be washed regularly. They must be handwashed in a water that is neither too hot nor too cold (around 20 degrees Celsius), using a suitable neutral pH delicate detergent, however fabric softener should never be used. Pastel shades can be washed together, but more vibrant shades should be treated separately. After careful rinsing, roll each garment in a towel to squeeze out the excess water, then lay it flat to dry.
Cashmere jumpers can be lightly and gently ironed on the reverse side with a cold iron equipped with a steam jet without pulling on the fabric. We advise you to avoid hanging your cashmere sweaters and to store them lying flat, away from the sun, in a dry and airy place.
For more information, please refer to our Care Instructions page.
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