Our guide to take care of your Barrie cashmere

How to wash cashmere

A Barrie garment is designed to last a lifetime. This long-term vision begins with the selection of the cashmere fibres, which follow a highly traceable process from the pastures of Mongolia to the Scottish manufacture, respecting humans, animals, and nature at every step.
To help you care for your cashmere we have elaborated a guide explaining the different steps of cleaning your cashmere.

Cashmere Care Instructions | Barrie.com

Can you wash cashmere?

Cashmere is a water-loving material, and your Barrie cashmere garments should be hand washed regularly, after it has been worn a few times. Washing your cashmere makes it even more soft and thicker.  

Selected for their specific length and diameter, the Barrie cashmere fibres are first washed in the very soft water of the Teviot River without the use of any agent or softener, before being tightly knitted. While this absence of product may create a cashmere knit that seems slightly rough at first and less silky-soft than a cheaper competitor’s, a Barrie garment will become lovelier as it ages, getting softer and thicker and will reveal its true softness with time, without ever losing its size or shape.

How to clean cashmere?

While how often you wash your cashmere garments comes down to personal preference, we do not recommend washing your cashmere sweaters after every use, as it can damage the knit.

Cashmere Care Instructions | Barrie.com

To ensure this does not happen, each cashmere garment must be cared for properly and must be hand washed following some simple guidelines:

  • Fill a sink, a tub, or a basin with water, that is neither too hot or too cool (around 20 °C or 68°F).

  • Do not mix colours. Pastel shades can be washed together, but more vibrant shades should be treated separately.

  • Fully submerge your cashmere garments in the lukewarm water.

  • Use a suitable delicate detergent, such as the Barrie cashmere shampoo gifted with each purchase in  our boutiques  or a neutral pH shampoo, like a gentle baby shampoo.

  • Fully submerge your cashmere garments in the lukewarm water and delicately swirl your garment for a short amount of time.

  • Drain the dirty water and rinse with clean water.

For cashmere down jackets, we recommend having them cleaned by a specialist.

Cashmere Care Instructions | Barrie.com

How to dry cashmere?

After careful rinsing your cashmere, roll each piece in a towel to squeeze the excess water out without pulling the cashmere piece out of shape. Then lay each piece flat to dry on a dry towel, preferably away from light and heat.

Can you iron cashmere?

Barrie cashmere pieces can be gently ironed at low temperature. To avoid pulling on the knit, we recommend ironing with a steam iron and hovering it over your cashmere piece without pressing down.

Cashmere Care Instructions | Barrie.com
Cashmere Care Instructions | Barrie.com

How to store your cashmere pieces?

We advise not to hang your cashmere pieces and to store them folded flat, out of direct sunlight, in a dry and well-ventilated place and in a protective cover if possible. At the end of the summer or winter season, store your cashmere pieces the same way once they are cleaned, as worn cashmere garments attract moths.

Our engagement

Each piece is a long-term investment: Barrie’s customer relations department is used to receiving very old designs in near-perfect condition, with only a small hole or tear due to everyday wear and tear by a very happy owner. If your cashmere needs an alteration, you can contact Barrie’s Customer Service.
Every piece is carefully repaired and returned to ensure an even longer life, with Barrie sweaters often being passed down through generations.

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