Cashmere in the summer

Can you wear cashmere in the summer?

While cashmere is typically associated with winter, it can also be worn in summer if you choose the right piece, and cashmere can even become a summer essential. The characteristics of Barrie cashmere such as its soft texture and its lightness allow you to wear it all year long.

How to wear cashmere in the summer?

Many Barrie pieces can be worn in summer, starting with Barrie’s  range of ultra-fine cashmere pieces ,  knitted in 18 gauge. Worn as a second skin or layered with other complementary pieces, this collection features Barrie's signature "worn" effect that is stitched delicately like a fine embroidery.  This collection  includes ultra-fine cashmere dresses , tops and light cashmere t-shirts as well as round-neck sweaters . A lightweight cashmere cardigan or sweater can be a great option for cooler summer evenings.

Barrie is the perfect embodiment of summer knitwear with  light and delicate designs : sleeveless tops , cashmere lace tops ,   lightweight cardigans and long dresses in cashmere lace that evokes a feminine romance with their fine-gauge weight and detailed, geometric lace-effect knit. Find the perfect summer looks in cashmere, with matching sets of cashmere shorts and tops, available here , as well as twin sets of cashmere tops and cardigans with floral motifs and seasonal colors.

Barrie summer pieces

Cashmere dresses , available here , are must-haves for elegant summer looks. Cashmere skirts and shorts can be worn with lightweight cashmere tops, such as Barrie Iconic T-shirt with a logo cashmere patch , available in several colors and reinvented every season. A new version of this essential is embellished with delicate rhinestones and available in shades from the softest pastel to deep black.

For men, a good place to start building your summer cashmere collection is with the iconic T-shirt with Barrie logo cashmere patch , that can be worn by both men and women. Opt for a cashmere cardigan , the trompe l'oeil denim overshirt or Denim jacket for cooler summer evenings.

Cashmere for summer