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Barrie interviews personalities close to the House. An opportunity to talk with them about fashion, their favorite looks and their favorite Barrie pieces!
Barrie had the pleasure of talking to Alexandra Van Houtte @alexandravanhoutte , the creator of the fashion search engine Tagwalk .

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What does Barrie mean to you? 

Nature, Highlands and know-how. From the Denim jacke t to the cashmere collar, Barrie excels not only in beautiful classics but also in the Scottish fantasy and quirkiness, yet it’s always chic! My mother and grandmother are Scottish. I love Barrie even more knowing the Scottish countryside where the factory is located, its pure respect of nature and love of well-done things! 

"I love Barrie even more knowing the Scottish countryside where the factory is located, its pure respect of nature and love of well-done things!"

The Barrie piece you can’t get enough of?

Definitely the famous Barrie Denim jacket - it's one of the wisest investments! It can be worn with jeans, trainers and a t-shirt for a casual look or with a skirt and heels for a more elegant look. I love the versatility and modernity of it. 

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How would you define your (fashion) style?

I grew up in boarding school in England and wether it was summer or winter, snow or wind, we had a uniform with a kilt, a navy-blue jumper and a blazer - the habit has remained, I feel the most comfortable when I'm in a short black skirt with a pair of boots, a slightly oversized jumper and a nice jacket. I find that it helps me not to worry too much in the morning when I get dressed. My style is simple but effective. I realize every day how important it is to invest in truly beautiful pieces. 

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You spoke to us about your mother and grandmother, did they pass on typical Scottish values and skills to you?

These two women passed on to me the value of nature, of the great outdoors and of knowing how to appreciate what is offered to us in everyday life, something we tend to forget. I spent all my holidays in the Highlands, surrounded by hills as far as the eye could see, sheep and long-haired cows. Wool and cashmere are anchored in my house from plaid blankets for picnics to thick cashmere socks by the fire - Scottish know-how is inimitable. 

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Tartan selection by AVH |
Tartan selection by AVH |

Via Tagwalk , the fashion search engine you created, you have a privileged vision of the emerging trends, can you give us some keys to understand today's fashion?

The tartan, "schoolgirl" style is back and Barrie is really into the theme! In addition, the 70s trend, santiag boots and cowboy is making an appearance again, we saw this at the Chanel Haute Couture show last July. 

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