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The Barrie Thistle Logo T-shirt

The Barrie Thistle Logo T-shirt | Barrie.com

With its unique mix of textures and techniques, the Barrie logo t-shirt has been an iconic piece since artistic director Augustin Dol-Maillot’s first year at the helm of the house. Conceived as a piece that is both easy to wear and perfectly suited to every wardrobe, the t-shirt also functions as the perfect introduction to the Barrie universe, and a one-garment summary of the house’s unique style.

Bringing together crisp jersey and the warm of Barrie’s signature knits, it is a visual reminder of Augustin Dol-Maillot’s vision to unite classic knitwear and timeless shapes. The design of the logo patch echoes Barrie’s Scottish heritage, featuring the Scots thistle and the initial B, presented in a more abstract, graphic layout which is enhanced by the use of the three-dimensional Bubble stitch, one of the Barrie manufacture’s technical trademarks. The conception and programming of the knitting machines to create such a complex, textured piece is the perfect example of
the Barrie heritage and excellence .

"A piece that is both easy to wear and perfectly suited to every wardrobe"

Initially created as a white t-shirt with coloured cashmere knitted patches inspired by the seasonal palette, the iconic design will now be available in a range of jersey colours, reflecting Barrie’s signature shades and influences. The light pink tee-shirts bring summer brightness and a reminder of the college influence so essential to the Barrie style, while the trademark green jersey echoes Scottish nature and the heraldic inspirations also present as a constant influence. The logo patches offer a bright and diverse range of shades, from the classic to the unexpected, again reflecting the universality of the design.

This unisex t-shirt is available in a wide range of colors on
barrie.com and in boutiques.

Photos : Felix Dol-Maillot

The Barrie Thistle Logo T-shirt | Barrie.com
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