Caring for your Barrie Cashmere

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A Barrie garment is designed to last a lifetime. This long-term vision begins with the selection of the cashmere fibres, which follow a highly traceable process from the pastures of Mongolia to the Scottish manufacture, respecting humans, animals and nature at every step.

Selected for their particular length and diameter, the cashmere fibres are washed in the very soft water of the Teviot river without the use of any agent or softener, before being tightly knitted.

The stability of the knit creates a very dense, firm fabric, which may seem slightly rough at first but which will reveal its true softness with time, without ever losing its size or shape. To ensure that this is the case, each garment must be cared for properly, following some simple guidelines.

  • Hand wash each piece in water that is neither too hot nor too cold (around 20 degrees Celsius).

  • Use a suitable delicate detergent, such as the Barrie cashmere shampoo gifted with each purchase in our boutiques or a gentle baby shampoo.

  • Pastel shades can be washed together, but more vibrant shades should be treated separately.

  • After careful rinsing, roll each garment in a towel to squeeze out the excess water, then lay it flat to dry.

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