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To create connections between the Métiers d’Art houses and to showcase their unique “hand”, Barrie and Goossens have chosen to join forces for a capsule collection which underlines the expertise of each workshop. The importance of the artisan’s craft is highlighted by this meeting of knitwear and high costume jewellery, displaying the importance of human flair and talent when it comes to technical savoir-faire.

For Augustin Dol-Maillot, Barrie’s artistic director, this collaboration was motivated by a search for a true meaning, revisiting the Goossens codes using Barrie’s own savoir-faire, and giving the jeweller a free reign to interpret the iconic codes of the Barrie universe. This “exchange of signatures” uses as its common denominator the Goossens medallion, reworked by Barrie using the twelve signs of the zodiac. These are worked as knitted motifs, with an exclusive palette of colours developed to show the appearance and reflections of each jewel, including a turquoise stone in 3D stitch, a Barrie signature. The astrological medallions appear as outsized motifs on a round-neck sweater, a V-neck cardigan, a mini-skirt and a scarf, each available in three bold shades – white, midnight blue and garnet red – which evoke the playful feeling and the colour palettes of Barrie’s men’s and women’s collections. The medals also appear individually as a patch on a sleeveless sweater and a long-sleeved version with a shoulder fastening, featuring the precious buttons created by Goossens to decorate the designs.

Both houses also unite their craftsmanship on a Barrie beanie, customized with the wearer's zodiac sign on a small Goossens astrological medal adorning the cuff.

Also following this idea of a mutual showcasing of craftsmanship, Goossens has reworked iconic motifs of the Barrie repertoire to create a selection of four exclusive medallions. The Scottish thistle, the rose, the bandana and the lion have been redesigned in Goossens’ Parisian workshops, using the technique of the inverted or “negative” engraving unique to the house. The designs were then melted in the house foundry, gilded, polished and finished with a garnet stone, chosen as a nod to Barrie’s own colour scheme. Worn alone or together, the medallions are a shining homage to the world of two Métiers d’Art.

This unique collaboration, a true partnership aiming at underlining the excellence and creativity of the Barrie and Goossens houses, will be available from October 2022 in the two house’s boutiques and via their respective online stores.

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