Q&A with Sofia Coppola

What motivated this collaboration with Barrie? 

I’ve been a big fan of Barrie since I discovered it a few years ago, and I got to know Augustin a little while working at Chanel, and it seemed like a fun project- really, it’s a dream for me because I love what they make, I love the quality and the colors they do. I live in their knit sets in the winter. 

You are a long-time friend of Barrie – what do you appreciate particularly about the House and its cashmere pieces?

The incredible quality and that it is luxurious in an understated way, but not too conservative like most places that do luxury cashmere. They have luxurious basics, but also a fun, playful side. They feel great on. 

Barrie is known for its enduring pieces, both in terms of quality and in style. Is this something that is especially relevant to you?

The Barrie pieces I’ve bought over the years, I wear over and over again and they never look worn or pilly, so they really last and they are timeless. I love the classic cardigans, the weight, the feeling, and the colors. I wear those a lot and the men’s crew neck sweaters. I love the idea that they’re meant to last a lifetime and can be brought back to be repaired if ever needed. Also, wearing Barrie supports artisans and this mill in Scotland that was started in 1903 and keeps this tradition alive. 

What was the concept behind this collaboration?

It was a small travel wardrobe- my fantasy of what you would bring on a trip with pieces that go together that are comfortable and casual, but you still look put together. You can wear the knit pants on the plane and then dress them up a little with the velvet knit cardigan for dinner in the hotel bar. That’s how I like to wear Barrie!   I think the jumpsuit could be worn in almost any situation. 

What was it like working with Augustin on the collection?

It was great working with Augustin, I sent him some references and he sent me some, and when we looked at them, we were really on the same page of what we were thinking about! I loved making my requests to him for my dream winter wardrobe and he was able to figure out how to make them with great proportions and colors. He and his team really have the expertise in working with cashmere. 

What was the most fun/exciting aspect of this collaboration?

I enjoyed the exchange with Augustin and then it was exciting to see the pieces start to materialize - and was so exciting to see and try on the final pieces!  

Do you have a favorite piece?

Hard for me to choose, I want the whole group to mix and match. I do love the knit jackets and pants and wide stripe sweater- those feel amazing. And I think I will wear the military jacket from this capsule over and over again, it’s so easy and goes with anything. 

How would you describe your own personal style, what is your relationship to fashion?

I like classic timeless, understated pieces for every day, without being too boring. I also like wearing men’s clothing, so a lot of the pieces can be for anyone. I appreciate things that are beautifully made and great quality. 

Comfort, style, and versatility are clearly the key aspects of the capsule – why are they so important to you?

It just makes getting dressed easy, and more time to focus on my work or interests. You also feel more confident when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing. 

Has your life on the road altered your style and how does this collection fit into your wardrobe?

Yes, traveling a lot came into mind about how to make packing easier and having what you want to feel good and comfortable wherever you are. I thought about how when I get to a hotel for a work trip, I love the Barrie knit pants with a sweater to feel cozy but not look too messy in a nice hotel. That you could lay around your hotel room and go to a meeting in them. 

The campaign was shot by Melodie McDaniel in Paris and features Margaret Qualley, can you tell us more about the creative process to translate the spirit of collection?

It was so fun to shoot with Margaret, who’s great and Melodie McDaniel, who I’ve known since college in LA in the 1990’s. I wanted it to look like snapshots of a weekend stay in Paris and show how they might be worn traveling, lounging in your hotel, or going down to the bar to meet a friend.  

Can you tell us more about the team of talents you gathered for this campaign?

It was great to work with Melodie who I’ve known for years and is a talented photographer from LA, and to have Odile Gilbert who I worked with on “Marie-Antoinette” do the hair. Margaret and I met working with Chanel, and she has a great, fun personality that brings a lot of life to the photos. 

Which cities, travel destinations, keep on inspiring you, fashion-wise?

I’m always inspired in Paris and Tokyo- I love to see how people dress there and there’s so much style and interest in fashion. I also love Milan, how women dress up there.  

How do you approach your character’s fashion in your movies? Is that a part of the process of moviemaking that you that you enjoy exploring?

That helps me define who they are, how they dress tells you something about them. I worked with Augustin in a similar way than I do with a costume designer, where I have an idea of the character and some ideas of what they might wear and then the designer proposes what they think in that spirit. I really enjoy that I can ask for what I have in mind, and they have the expertise on how to do it and how to interpret an idea into reality. 


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