Tradition & Creativity

Barrie is a technique that’s more than a century old: each piece requires more than forty operations, most of them done by hand. Barrie cashmere is spun in Scotland according to a blend of fibres optimised between length and diameter, then dyed. Once knitted, the various parts of a garment are washed in the crystalline waters of the Teviot River, running alongside the manufactory, in order to open up the fibres of the cashmere. This vital step is dependent on the expertise of the Scottish artisans, because they alone know the precise time it takes to wash the fibres to achieve the right touch. Barrie is also about limitless creativity, thanks to its research into new techniques. In 2018 an innovation laboratory was installed within the factory. Designers, programmers and pattern makers all work hand-in-hand with the Parisian creation studio to offer unlimited creativity.


The House of Barrie