Tradition & Creativity

Barrie uses techniques that are more than a century old.  Each garment may require as many as forty operations, most of them done by hand utilising the artisan skills passed from generation to generation. The cashmere used at Barrie is spun in Scotland, it is a mix of fibres optimised between length and diameter, then dyed. After Knitting and assembly, the garments are washed in the soft natural waters of the River Teviot, which runs near the manufacturing site. The washing process is a vital step and depends on the expertise and knowledge of skilled operators in the factory, as they alone know the precise time it takes to wash the products to achieve the right touch.  Barrie is also about limitless creativity and the ability to combine both cutting edge of technology and saviour faire. In 2018 a development/innovation centre was installed within the factory. Designers, programmers and pattern makers all work hand-in-hand with the Parisian creation studio to offer unlimited creativity.

The House of Barrie