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Each BARRIE garment may require as many as forty operations, most of them done by hand utilising the artisan skills passed from generation to generation. Each creation is the result of a specific program. The panels making up a garment are knitted on the Bentley Cotton knitting looms that were specially created in the 1960s, and are manoeuvred by the expert hands of engineers.

Each part of the garment is then rigorously inspected to ensure their irreproachable quality.

The pieces are washed in the pure waters of the Teviot, a river close to the factory – an essential step of the process that gives the knit its “Scottish hand” identity and the ultimate guarantee of a durable cashmere.

The garment is then meticulously darned and assembled by hand.

The Parisian studio provides the creative impulse all while working hand in hand with the craftsmen and engineers at the factory, whose technical mastery allows for the most beautiful of innovations, such as the 3D knits and the trompe-l'oeil pieces.