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Trousers & Skirts

Bandana trousers Canvas
Cashmere and cotton trousers
1360 €*
Iconic cashmere trousers Moon Dust
Iconic cashmere trousers
990 €*
Cashmere straight wide cut trousers  Black
Wide cashmere trousers
920 €*
Cashmere corded joggers Black
Cashmere joggers
850 €*
Cashmere corded joggers (petite) Charcoal
Cashmere joggers (Petite)
850 €*
Very fine cashmere wide leg trousers Grey
Cashmere trousers
900 €*
Cashmere joggers Nuage / Ripple Fluo
Cashmere joggers
1390 €*
Cashmere and cotton sportwear trousers T-Calcite
Cashmere and cotton joggers
1090 €*