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Denim Fringed top
660 €*
Denim Fringed Jacket
2190 €*
Denim Fringed shorts
1390 €*
Denim Fringed pants
1850 €*
Uniform Denim Jacket
1800 €*
Uniform Denim Skirt
850 €*
Cashmere and cotton pullover
1090 €*
Fitted cashmere and cotton jacket
1700 €*
Oversized cashmere and cotton jacket
2500 €*
Cashmere and cotton long denim jacket
2500 €*
Cashmere and cotton boyfriend trousers
1650 €*
Cashmere and cotton short
1190 €*

At the forefront of creation, we have developed a denim line in cashmere and cotton. Thanks to our stitching and patterning technique, the essence of denim is preserved, embellished with cashmere and made flexible by the knit. On each of the pieces, we will find our stamped metal buttons, signature look of the house. For women, the denim cashmere and cotton jacket available oversized, cropped or fitted. Knitted on historic Bentley-Cotton machines, it requires 4 to 5 hours of work. Combined with real jeans and sneakers, your casual outfit will be full of modernity. Concerning colors, we offer raw or faded denim such as powdered pink or fluorescent orange! For the perfect match, we offer you denim cashmere and cotton trousers, where the stitching details on the pockets and seams give the illusion of jeans while also being fit. Absolute fashion one: the boyfriend version with its fringes or our cashmere and cotton mini shorts! For men, the same oversized or fitted denim cashmere and cotton jacket and its matching cashmere and cotton trousers. They are declined in white, blue denim, black or fluorescent orange