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Pullovers & Cardigans

Cashmere and cotton bouclette cardigan Nero
Cashmere and cotton cardigan
1150 €*
Cashmere and cotton pullover Bianco Ottico
Cashmere and cotton pullover
762 €*
Cashmere and cotton bouclette polo shirt Bianco Ottico
Cashmere and cotton shirt
820 €*
Cashmere and lambswool pullover Constellation
Cashmere and lambswool pullover
1390 €*
Cashmere bomber jacket Pirate
Cashmere bomber jacket
1223 €*
Cashmere bomber jacket Green / Nuage / Lemon Pastel
Cashmere bomber jacket
1135 €*
Cashmere hoodie Black / Dawn
Cashmere hoodie
1020 €*
Cashmere round neck pullover Pirate / Constellation / Neon Blue
Cashmere round neck pullover
992 €*
Cashmere and lambswool patchwork pullover Black
Round neck cashmere and lambswool pullover
860 €*
Sun Faded cashmere cardigan Leafy Rose
Round neck cashmere cardigan
850 €*
Marine cashmere pullover Admiral / Klein
Round neck cashmere pullover
690 €*
Sun Faded cashmere V-neck cardigan Blue Thistle
V-neck cashmere cardigan
850 €*