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Cotton and cashmere t-shirt Fig Leaf / Starlet
Cotton and Cashmere T-shirt
350 €*
Cashmere and cotton overshirt Nero Navy / Niveous
Cashmere and cotton shirt
1460 €*
Fitted cashmere and cotton Denim jacket British Blue / Marina
Fitted cashmere and cotton jacket
2000 €*
Cashmere and cotton overshirt
1620 €*
B Label cashmere pullover Atollo
Round neck cashmere B Label pullover
660 €*
B Label cashmere turtleneck pullover White Undyed
Turtleneck cashmere B Label pullover
720 €*
B Label cashmere cardigan  Pompeii
Cashmere B Label cardigan
850 €*
Cashmere and cotton sportswear hoodie T-Calcite
Cashmere and cotton hoodie
1390 €*