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Augustin Dol-Maillot Portrait

Artistic Director

Since September 2018, Augustin Dol-Maillot has been artistic director at the House of Barrie. Born in 1989, he joined the CHANEL studio alongside Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard.

His vision is both graphic and modern, and his taste for streetwear is leading cashmere into a gentle revolution. His creation studio, located in Paris, focuses daily on the savoir-faire and the constant innovation of the atelier which is located in Hawick, Scotland: “The beauty of the challenge, is that the technical feats always push creativity ever further. From one stitch or one knit, we create another, and so it continues… This is how the brand tells its story over the collections. Cashmere is a raw material, we have to explore its infinite possibilities.